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December 31, 2011
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Well, this is interesting, an upload. Something I've been working on for a few months, the *primary* bosses of Earthbound. I hope this makes up for not finishing the other bosses when I said I would. I was hoping to get it done around Christmas as a present, but I wasn't even close to being done, so I decided to settle on New Years...Eve. I will, of course do the sanctuaries as well, but not anytime soon, I'm going to work on other projects at the moment...

The guardians of the eight "Your Sanctuaries." Ment to protect the sanctuaries from intruders, but alas, between the awesome power of the sanctuaries, and the evil influence of Giygas, they've become corrupted, and greedily claim the sanctuaries for their own. And will protect their "territory" with malicious intent.

Something interesting you've noticed are the intros for the bosses. I thought it'd be, well, interesting for the bosses. I'm afraid I don't give you much reading time, I want to keep in pace with the music, so I'm sorry the intros kinda pass by quickly.

You can watch the YouTube video so you can read the intros at your own leisure: [link]

Titanic Ant: After finding out he has an official clay model, I've used it for my reference rather then the sprite. Looking at the new Titanic ant, VS the one I made four years ago (note this was submitted on 2012) that's a hell of a difference. I have to say, the new and improved “Tiny” looks badass, I'd recommend maybe being level 8 just to beat him. The old Titanic Ant?...*squish!*

Mondo Mole: Holy Moly! Funky mole. I just decided to take a more simple approach on the mole. No bangs, no whistles, just a big body, feet, hands with claws, and a snout. I think it turned out for the best. But what's this? blood?!'s on the sprite, so why not? I think it's appropriate, after all, these are not beings that want to cuddle you, these are beings that have been driving insane, and want to kill you. A bit dark, but considering the sequel, Mother 3, goes into “sinister” areas, I think of Earthbound as transition between Earthbound Zero's more cheeriness, and Mother 3's dark nature...but I digress.
I'm sorry the blood is rather...chunky, I blame the fluid physics, it's supposed to be kinda dripping, but the physics over did it. It's very stubborn, I can't seem to get it do what I like it to do, Trust me, this is the best I could get the fluid to do.

Tillionage Sprout: Just like “Tiny,” this new “Trilly” is based on the clay model. Judging from the model, the sprout seems to be on some sort of red clay, dunno if it is, but it looks more visually pleasing then some crappy soil. And I added some roots this time. Hell of a sprout, but you gotta kinda feel sorry for it. I mean, it's 1,000,000,000,000ish years old, must've had many friends come and go. Can you imagine living that long doing nothing but guard a specific area?... It's a special area, but non the less...

Shrooom!: A giant mushroom...what are the odds? Not much I can say about him, though you'll notice his left arm is by his side, rather then being raised. I kept it down because it looked better down.

Plague Rat of Doom: I took a slightly different direction with “Ratty,” since he lives in a sewer, I can't help but feel maybe this guy is...kinda funky with the fumes...he's stoned, dude...Slightly. Look at those eyes, this guy's puckend out of his damn mind.

Thunder and Storm: Ugh, these guys were a pain. I was hoping to have them trail around each other (not like that!) but I was unable to get their tails to seamlessly follow their trails. So I had to do it the hard way with keyframes. Being true to their names, I kept Storm above, hovering around rather broodily, and have Thunder zipping around under Storm in a figure-eight motion. Looks fair...I guess, but I'm still not happy I couldn't get them to animate how I'd like them to.

Electro Specter: Oh look, Metal Gumby, and he looks ticked...maybe. This was tough, getting the metal joints to bend without them shrinking where they meet. But trial and error have succeeded to have the joints bend without the shrinking too much. It's kind of a shame I didn't do more to animate, 'cause it's kind of neat how the joints work. And I was in such a euphoric eureka moment when I got it right. Also, for those of you curious about the “I am not of this world” bit, it comes from the Earthbound Player's Guide, which states Electro “is composed of elements never before seen on Earth.” I have to admit, the Electro Specter has always been a head-scratcher for me, I guess it being from out of space would make sense...
Hmm, I wonder, is the Electro Specter is made from the same materials as Magnet Hill...though, now that I look at him, he kinda reminds me of the claymen from mother 3

Carbon Dog: Hot dog! 'dis pooch is hawt! Not much I can say here, other then I'm pleased with how the fire material turned out...I'd hate to have this as a pet.

Diamond Dog: Yeah, yeah, this is who everyone REALLY wants to see. I was conflicted on whether to make it multicolored, or transparent like the clay model. In the end, I decided to make go with both! It was very tricky, because it's actually superimposed on the background via composition. Rendering it with the background looked very ugly. A bit more work to make it look right, but it was worth it in the end. Needless to say, I'm quite pleased how it turned out.
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SkellyBellie Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Mondo Mole used to scare me to death when I was little.
Very nice! I really love Carbon and Diamond! May I hug them?
Yeah, all right.
Might want to be careful with Carbon Dog.
Why just Carbon? Is it because he's on fire?
I'm no chemist, nor zoologist, but I'm pretty sure a dog on fire is the dog's way of saying "no touchy".
I know, but still! lol
Can it wait until winter?
Or go to Snowman!
You bring Carbon Dog to Snowman, it may melt all the snow, and have the place renamed to just Man...
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DaiKaiju-Defender Jun 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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